Thursday, December 8, 2011

Project Update: Sue Smith

Copyright-free image found with Google's advanced search!
I've been working with Sue this week on a movie for the MLK, Jr. Dinner in January. Her 5th graders have been researching Dr. King and putting together a timeline of important facts. Meanwhile, Sue is finding copyright-free images of Dr. King on the web using an Advanced Search feature in Google. She's also downloading movie clips from Discovery Education of Martin Luther King's speeches. Together, Sue and I are using iMovie to put this together and adding voiceovers from the kids. Well, really Sue is putting it together with a few tips from me.

There have been a few glitches along the way, par for the course I suppose, but it's been a little frustrating. For some reason, we couldn't import the movie clips she downloaded from Discovery into iMovie without using QuickTime Pro to convert them to an .m4v file first. The bright side is that Sue started working on this project well ahead of time. She's almost done and now she can really relax over winter break without this project hanging over her head. Yay, Sue! Even better is that now she has some experience using the new iMovie before her students start the Mystic movie project in March. We'll post the final movie on MyShore after the event is over, though if you go to the MLK, Jr. Dinner in January, you'll see it then.

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